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SEO Research & Strategy

Effective SEO is a result of sound strategy. Don’t start on your SEO journey before you are clear about the destination. Clarity comes from a defensible SEO strategy informed by robust research.

Starting with strategy puts the SEO horse before the cart 

Conducting robust research provides a strong foundation for customising an effective SEO strategy for unique client needs. Your plan should include a gap analysis and consider key drivers like technical SEO, on-page SEO, content, link building, and UI/UX.  

First, determine ‘Where’ your online business presence is now, ‘Where’ you want to be in future and ‘Why’, and ‘How’ specific SEO activities could narrow the gap. Then outline ‘What’ SEO activities should be on your roadmap, ‘When’ to prioritise them, and ‘Who’ performs which responsibilities. 

Where is your business now?  

We listen to what your business is achieving now as well as the challenges it is facing. We conduct an audit of your current website’s SEO readiness to, for example, help you know what your current web traffic volume is and where it is coming from, gain a better understanding of how you are ranking for desired keywords, and find out if there is anything on your current site that is stopping it from ranking highly in Google. Besides SEO keyword research, we also conduct SEO research on your competitors to ascertain your SEO position among other providers in your marketplace. 

Where do you want to be, and Why?  

We listen to your vision and aspirations for your business and your website, and why that’s important to you. We discuss and identify the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) for SEO that connect best with your business goals. For example, you may want to drive a lot more traffic to your site. Or your site may already get great traffic but visitors just look around but don’t contact you to find out more, or turn into customers. Or, you may want help to mitigate the damage to your business reputation from a nasty Google Review. Our SEO strategies must align with your topic and be fit for purpose. 

How does SEO benefit your business? 

There are many ways SEO provides long-term advantages to business who do it well: 

  • Engages target audiences at all stages of the buyer journey. 
  • Provides solutions to searchers and improves user experience (UX). 
  • Improves organic ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). 
  • Helps relevant people find your business. 
  • Increases awareness and web traffic. 
  • Increases trust in your brand as a credible business for targeted key words. 
  • It’s a measurable long-term strategy with great ROI.  
  • Gives you insights into user interest and intent to guide marketing strategy. 
  • And more. 

What SEO activities will suit your business?  

We possess a wellspring of expert SEO services you can cherry pick from to achieve what matters most to you to grow the online visibility, lead generation, and conversion rate of your online business presence.  

From our list of comprehensive SEO Services, we map the ones relevant to the particular business goals you want to achieve, for now and in the medium and long term. You can leverage the deep expertise we possess and continue to develop as we constantly keep ourselves updated on everything SEO.  

For instance, we have evolving knowledge of new search algorithms, tried and tested SEO tactics (like on page optimisation, off page optimisation, and content marketing), and also new opportunities emerging from new search engine functions and trending user demands (like zero-click, ‘near me’ and voice searches, long-tail keyword strategies, and Google My Business optimisation), and a lot more.  

Beyond SEO which takes care of organic search, we have the breadth of  knowledge to recommend other digital marketing strategies including branding, web design, content marketing, paid search, social media marketing (on Facebook, LinkedIn, instagram, Twitter, or apps popular in China), and other services. 

Who makes things happen and When?  

From Big Picture plans obtained from robust SEO research and strategising, we collaborate with you to hone in on detailed plans to schedule priorities and allocate resources, roles and responsibilities to make things happen. And turn your vision into results! 

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