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WordPress Web Design & Development Services 

WordPress is a versatile content management system that powers one in three websites. It dominates the CMS space with 65.2% market share. It gives you control and flexibility.

Grow your marketing content your way. And when you need help, call on us to fast track your web presence to the next level.

WordPress is a content management system used by everyone from individual bloggers to Fortune 500 companies. It is so popular because it is versatile and easy to use, open source and free.

WordPress web design and development is employed when you want a professionally designed website with functionality customised for your business, fast-loading pages that rank well in search engines, and which gives you the freedom to easily add content yourself.   

Why is WordPress design important? 

The WordPress platform provides a choice of simple to complex websites, both free and paid. If you are starting small, you could use pre-designed templates for free. However, ambitious businesses soon outgrow the free version when they want their site to do more for their business. Here’s where professional WordPress development and design experts like us can help. 

There are five levels of WordPress plans: 

  • Personal Plan (Best for personal use) 
  • Premium Plan (Best for freelancers) 
  • Business Plan (Best for small businesses) 
  • eCommerce Plan (Best for online stores) 
  • WordPress VIP (Best for enterprise scalability) 

While we have the capability to help you set up any WordPress plan, our forte is in providing what medium-size businesses want and need, which are usually Business and eCommerce Plans.  

To give you some context, the types of websites we can build for you include: 

  • Information websites 
  • E-commerce portals 
  • Publisher sites 
  • Marketplaces 
  • SaaS websites 

You can read more about these in our main web design and development page Talk to us to find out if WordPress is the best platform for your needs, or if there are other options that could work better.

Our WordPress web design services

The great thing about WordPress sites? You can create one for free instantly. Start using it right away to familiarise yourself with its capabilities.  Then as you explore growth options to meet your business goals, bring us aboard for help at any stage.  

While you free up time to focus on your zone of genius and core business offerings, let us help you accelerate the professional look, functionality, and performance of your website to express that genius.  

Personal Plan (Best for personal use) 


  • Free domain for one year. 
  • Best-in-class hosting. 
  • Remove WordPress.com ads. 
  • Collect payments. 
  • Unlimited email support. 

Premium Plan (Best for freelancers)  

Above features plus: 

  • Live Chat Support. 
  • Earn ad revenue. 
  • Upload videos. 
  • Google analytics integration. 

Business Plan (Best for small businesses) 

All above features plus: 

  • Install plugins and extend functionality for your site with access to more than 50,000 WordPress plugins. 
  • Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools. 
  • Automated site backups and one-click restore. 
  • SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and Database Access. 

eCommerce Plan (Best for online stores)  

All above features plus: 

  • Accept payments in 60+ countries. 
  • Integrations with Top Shipping Carriers. 
  • Premium design options for online stores. 

WordPress VIP (Best for enterprise scalability)  

  • An agile content platform. 
  • Purpose-built to help enterprises create valuable customer experiences. 
  • Enables multiple sites, complex setups, millions of page views, or large teams.  

You have the choice to engage our professional services at any stage of your business growth. We have the capability and flexibility to assist with a range of simple to complex WordPress website design needs.   

  • As a full services agency, our team provides both front end design and backend development.  
  • We collaborate closely with you to achieve great outcomes in both branding and functionality. 
  • We help you progress from strategy to wireframes and mockups to interactive prototypes, staging sites, useability testing, and live sites.  
  • We provide best practice tips from experience so you get better results fast. 

Input – Where are you now and where do you want to be? 

It all starts with a sound understanding of your current and desired profiles, what the market wants, and how best to match value exchange. Ideally, input for effective website design combines research, reviews and audits, stakeholder feedback, insights, ideas and advice from various disciplines. These include:  

  • business strategy,  
  • corporate communications,  
  • product development,  
  • information and communication technology (ICT),  
  • digital marketing, 
  • graphic design,  
  • web development, and more. 

We pick from our extensive toolkit to collate great input for designing effective WordPress sites. These include gap analyses, developing user personas, reviewing information architecture, outlining wireframes, and testing on staging sites.   

Output – UX-savvy WordPress design

Effective user experience (UX) design supports users to succeed in activities like: 

  • notice targeted items and topics, 
  • find the information they need,  
  • spend more time on your site,  
  • navigate smoothly to more content that sustains interest,  
  • follow clear steps to complete a call to action,  
  • buy your products or services.  
  • motivate users to share your content with others and  
  • say good things about your business.  

Once someone becomes a customer, great UX makes it easy for them to succeed in: 

  • using any online products or services,  
  • getting help if they get stuck or encounter a bug, 
  • tracking any items that need to be shipped,  
  • connecting and interacting with you to nurture customer relationships, and  
  • buying something from you again, and 
  • sharing your business with others.     

Output – Captivating UI design 

The aesthetics of the user interface (UI) we deliver are the means to creating great user experiences (UX): 

  • corporate colour palette and font 
  • layout and placement of content elements 
  • custom graphic style and icons 
  • animation if required 
  • other interactive elements 

How to get great results for WordPress web design 

Working with a business savvy and experienced website design team makes collaboration delightful.  

  • Don’t just evaluate design portfolios. Find out about their project management skills and processes too.   
  • Look for a winning combination of technical, strategic, and aesthetic design skills.  
  • Progress flows when your web design team: 
  • resonates with your business strategy,  
  • understands your customers and what they need,  
  • can design interfaces and develop functionality and performance that meet those needs,  
  • can add value as project partners to create better results, and  
  • are great to work with.  

The team at Ignite Search would love to meet and exceed your WordPress website design needs 

We have a multidisciplinary and close-knit team with the experience and enthusiasm to create effective WordPress website design. You provide the scope. We collaborate with and guide you to bring it to life. We often go the extra mile to ensure our clients get what they need to achieve business targets, on time and on budget.  

We have designed and developed WordPress sites for companies from start-ups to growing and established organisations, and look forward to adding extreme value to your business.  

What next? 

Powerful WordPress web design creates positive perceptions of your business. Let us help you establish a great business presence online twitch content that is easy for you to update or add. Want to explore the value our friendly digital marketing consultants could provide? Please contact us here or ring us on (08) 9467 9883. 

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