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Please tell us about yourself so we can do our best for you.
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About Ignite Search

We are a nimble and versatile digital marketing agency based in Perth, Western Australia. We help ambitious companies grow.

Our Vision is to transform
your vision into results.

Our Mission is to be the trusted digital marketing agency that helps ambitious companies grow.

Our Values & Company Culture

Ignite Search is a Competent and Sincere business ally with a trailblazing spirit. We relish Making Things Happen to Help Clients Succeed, while Innovating and Sharing Knowledge. We value New Discoveries for Improving Results.

Why pick us? We’re versatile. We’re nimble. We’re dedicated. We’re kind. We embrace innovation. We enjoy honing our ikigai through our craft. Our team combines business savvy, technical expertise, and a gung-ho attitude.

Together, our values spell IGNITE:


We show professional and personal integrity by conducting business activities in honest, dependable and trustworthy ways.


Our mission is to help ambitious businesses grow. Our growth mindset embraces our professional and personal development too.


Alert. Responsive. Resilient under pressure. We’re nimble and dexterous in handling change. It’s how we help our clients win.


We love to find and adopt innovations in marketing and advertising to help our clients succeed. Seeya at the cutting edge.


We research and apply new ideas to help our clients get better and better business outcomes from great digital marketing.


We commit to quality in all we do. This creates both intrinsic satisfaction and great results that feed client satisfaction.

Meet The Team

Cheech Foo
Kelvin Sim
Digital Marketing Specialist
Jasmine Tan
Digital Marketing Specialist
Matthew Jephcott
Digital Performance Developer
Simon Quach
Digital Performance Developer
Alexis Aw
Brand Specialist
Harry Quach
Digital Performance Designer
Sara Guo
Chinese Marketing Specialist

Our Locations

Our main team is based in Perth, Western Australia, and we also have people in Melbourne and Shanghai. We have successfully delivered projects to clients from Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and more.

We welcome clients from any location as our go-getter spirit, robust project management system, and the use of video-conferencing and messaging technology allow us to be responsive and work well with people from different time zones.

Hong Kong
New York

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Welcome to our resource hub. Here, we produce and collate content on trending topics from the digital marketing universe for your convenient consumption.

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Please tell us about yourself so we can do our best for you.
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